We produce very high quality 100% pure Saffron, and distribute it all over the world.



 1- Competitive prices
2- Focusing on the people’s health
3-Strong and fast distribution network
4- Focus on supplying high-quality products from around the world
5- Variety of products in different weights and flavors of each brand
6- Customer loyalty due to the taste and cost-effectiveness of the products


 BMAX company's products are mainly saffron which are known to be the oldest agricultural products of Iran and Spain. The company was registerd in Canada on 2018 and has started its overseas activities ever since. The major objective of the company is to establish its offices in the target countries and to provide its consumers with ideal saffron with the best quality and suitable price. 


 Saffron is sold in two forms, powder and threads, and each behave very differently in the kitchen.In order to understand commercial saffron, it is important to understand the make-up of the saffron plant. More importantly, it is the easiest way for you, as a consumer, to be sure you are buying good saffron. 


Health benefits of saffron

 Potassium helps balance fluids in cells, which, if low, can cause painful muscle cramps. Beyond that, saffron contains more than 150 volatile compounds, among others. Picrocrocin, for instance, is the main substance responsible for the strong taste. Safranal brings saffron its characteristic odor and fragrance. 

Although saffron mostly known as an exquisite culinary spice,the versatile ingredient used for its health benefits.plenty of positive physiological effects have been reported to date such as,treatment of depression,anxiety,pain,chest tightness ,stomach spams,etc.

Saffron as Color

  Our range offer rich color to the delicacy and the cuisine, safe and hygienic to use. Available in a wide variety of food color powder such as orange, blue, pink, yellow, red, green, saffron etc. Our range is provided in various containers such as.  

More on Saffron

 Saffron is a very costly spice, used to flavor and color food. The spice is actually the dried stigma (tiny threadlike strands) of the Crocus Sativus Linneaus, a member of the iris family. ... It is thought that saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. 


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